Wow Your Young Scholars with Something New & Exciting

For more than 20 years, the Happy Birds have performed at school assemblies, preschools, and camps in San Jose, California, and beyond. Their classroom and assembly parrot presentations are always educational and fun. Programs can be presented in an assembly format for larger groups and in classroom format for smaller groups. Shows generally last 30 to 45 minutes depending on the needs of the instructor or school.

Assembly Format

With groups sizes over 75, programs are presented in an assembly format. Six to seven parrots present over 25 tricks during the friendly, structured show. At the same time, we educate the audience with important facts about parrots. The show features two talking and singing Amazon parrots, colorful Macaws, and clever Cockatoos. If the venue permits, we can include one of our free flying parrots.

Usually about 10 to 15 children and/or teachers are integrated into the presentation by assisting with a trick, holding a macaw, or feeding a parrot. After the show, there are a few minutes of time for questions and answers. The entire presentation lasts 45 minutes, but can be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the school.

Classroom Format

With groups smaller than 60, programs are presented in a classroom format. Children and teachers have an opportunity to get up close and personal with one of our beautiful parrots.  Volunteers may be selected to help out by holding a parrot or assisting with a trick. Audiences will enjoy watching six parrots perform over 25 tricks and listen to two amazing Amazon parrots talk and sing. A free flying parrot is often included as well. Students and teachers will learn important facts about parrots and can ask questions during and after the show. When the Happy Birds say their good-byes, kids feel like they have made a feathered-friend.

Parrots Doing Tricks at a School and a Little Boy With Three Parrots


Each opportunity to meet children in a learning environment is a chance for us to make a positive impression on your kids.  Important information is included in each presentation and can be tailored to the class curriculum. Audiences will have a better understanding about parrots by the end of the show. They will learn about:

• Different Types of Parrots
• Where Parrots Live in the Wild
• What Makes Parrots Different than Other Birds
• Their Powerful & Specialized Beaks
• Why They Don't Make Good Pets
• How & Why They Talk
• What Parrots Eat
• How Old the Happy Birds Are
• How Long Parrots May Live