Compassionately Protecting the Health & Happiness of Our Feathered Friends

All of the Happy Birds were hatched and raised in the United States and never taken from the wild. They were raised with love and compassion. We are consistently looking for new and inventive ways to make their lives more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Care and Feeding 

The Happy Birds are on the Harrison's Bird Diet, which consists of organically grown fruits and vegetables, seeds, and nuts (no peanuts). They spend a minimum (weather permitting) of two to four hours in their large outdoor aviary daily to climb, play, and soak up the fresh air and sunshine. It's a great place for them to take a shower too. Also, on a daily basis, their housing area is cleaned, each bird receives fresh filtered water, and their food bowls are filled with leafy greens, supplements, fruits, and other vegetables. Corn on the cob is their favorite. The Happy Birds dishwasher is constantly use to sanitize their food and water bowls.

Parrots at Shows


Our methods of training are encouraging and are never forced. Our feathered friends are never harmed, abused, or 'made' to do anything. Anyone that has had a parrot in their life knows that they are strong-willed and cannot be forced to do something they don't want to do. They are trained with positive reinforcement and a lot of patience.

Mental & Physical Stimulation

Parrots are extremely intelligent and complex creatures that can live 50 to 80 years. They need mental and physical stimulation. In the wild, they would spend a good part of their day looking and foraging for food. Domestically raised birds generally do not have the skills, need, or environment to search for their meals. Still, mental and physical stimulation is absolutely necessary to assure the best possible health.

Happy Birds makes sure that all of the birds have the opportunity to learn behaviors, both natural and trained, to stimulate and enhance their daily life. Teaching and training gives the parrots a sense of purpose for good mental and physical health.